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Why groom your pet?


Grooming is an essential part of ensuring your dogs welfare. Imagine never washing or cutting your own hair or nails.

Our special friends have evolved to live happily with us in a domestic environment however, this change in living conditions has brought about problems with coat and nail management. Originally nails and dew claws would have been naturally worn down from walking on rough surfaces and thick undercoats were manged by fellow pack members. Today we are those pack members and we are responsible for ensuring that our pets coat is well maintained and their nails are trimmed short to prevent injury during day to day activities.

Cleaning and plucking nuisance hair from around the ears is also vital to help certain breeds avoid painful infection. Dogs sweat primarily when panting but also significantly through their paws where there is no thick coat of hair making pad trimming an essential, regular routine to promote good health.

Whilst brushing, washing and styling helps make your dog look and smell the way you want it also provides the perfect opportunity to monitor the skin for irregularities such as lumps, bumps and sores which may need veterinary attention.